Little Dribblers Academy

Half Day Preschool Program For Kids 2 1/2 – 6 Years Old

Little Dribblers Academy is an extremely innovative preschool program which puts the FUN into FUNdamentals through an inclusive lens using whole-body kinaesthetic learning methods. Our program is designed to empower, engage and educate students between the ages of 2 1/2 – 6 years old and is taught in the World’s ONLY Children’s Basketball Facility!

Location: Little Dribblers Danforth and Little Dribblers Burlington
Program Start Date: 2024 (specific dates TBA)
Timings: Monday – Friday
AM Stream: 8:00AM – 11:00AM
PM Stream: 12:00PM – 3:00PM
Tuition = $750/Month


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Program Details

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Did you know cognitive processing is enhanced when heart rates are elevated? At Little Dribblers we maximize the brain boosting effects of movement by incorporating physical activity and whole body learning into our lessons. Resulting in higher levels of engagement, cognitive processing and memory retention. As an added bonus, students will have so much fun they won’t even realize they’re learning!

We take fun seriously.  Think of the Magic School Bus meets Space Jam :). In addition to our integration of physical activity, classes are creatively infused with music, and fun props that kids love such as puppets, costumes, bubbles, theatrical tricks and much more – all fostering a love for learning! Prepare to be greeted by your teacher in a full out costume on some days – it’s always a good time at Little Dribblers!

The Little Dribblers Curriculum which focuses on STEAM and diversity education. Some topics we may cover include the following: 

Academic Concept Topic Examples
Math 1. Finance 

2. Number Sense & Numeracy 

3. Coding 

4. Measurement 

5. Geometry 

Science 1. Physics

2. Biology

3. Chemistry 

4. Animals

5. Dinosaurs

6. Environment

7. Space

8. Nature

Geography/Cultures 1. Africa

2. Asia

3. Caribbean

4. South America

5. North America

6. Europe 

7. Australia 

8. Antarctica 

9. Indigenous studies

10. Oceans

Music 1. Tempo

2. Volume

3. Beat

4. Dance

5. Music genres 

6. Instruments 

Language 1. Phonetics 

2. French

3. Sign Language

4. Mandarin

5 Senses 1. Sight

2. Vision

3. Auditory 

4. Taste

5. Touch

Personal Safety and Health 1. Water Safety

2. Fire Safety

3. Stranger Danger

4. Hygiene/Germs

5. Nutrition

Social Skills 1. Diversity, Inclusion + Anti-Racism

2. Manners & Courtesy 

3. Cooperation/Sharing

4. Mental Wellness/Mindfulness 

Here at Little Dribblers, we pride ourselves on our inclusivity and diversity. We have purposefully designed our curriculum and all content to be representative of all of the beautiful shades of humanity. Purposely incorporating representative books, artifacts and lesson content celebrating diversity with the goal of empowering children to become global leaders.

Example: During our Around the World unit, we will transform our facility into a different country every week. Students will be granted “passports” and after flying to the destination of the week will explore the country’s music, art, literature and culture all while learning math, geography, language, art and much more! Some learning experiences include learning about the Kings and Queens and rich history of Africa, the many people and languages of Asia, Caribbean food and culture, North American Aboriginal customs and traditions and much, much more!

The learning doesn’t stop when our students leave the court! Every week, parents will also receive optional activities they can work on at home with their child to further enrich their educational experience. These resources will align with the topic of the week and will further deepen the educational experience as well as supplementing the learning for our part-time students.

Individual notes will be recorded for each student every single session and parents will receive weekly updates on their child’s progress in the program. These notes will assist in creating personalized differentiated learning experiences for each student. Students will also receive a mid-term report and a final report card at the end of the school year. 

Students enrolled in Little Dribblers Academy will receive an exclusive Little Dribblers jersey (including shorts and top), branded string-bag and 20% discount on our monthly subscription to our Little Dribblers Basketball classes. In addition, they will also receive 3 year access to all Little Dribblers special events which can include anything from NBA player meet and greets to dance parties.

Kinaesthetic Learning

Maximizing the brain boosting effects of movement by fusing academics with physical activity 

Diversity Education

 Teaching the Ontario Curriculum and beyond through an inclusive, anti-racist lens

Putting the FUN into FUNdamentals

So much fun they won’t even know they’re learning!

State of the Art Facility

The World’s ONLY children’s basketball facility as your classroom! what’s cooler than that?!